The NYCB Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests but you may send a one-page introductory letter.

    Obtaining a grant from the NYCB Foundation

      The following guidelines will assist you in determining if you meet our funding requirements and help with the actual preparation of your agency's request. Please read this information carefully.

    If you have never received
a grant from the NYCB Foundation
, or not in recent years, do not submit a complete grant request. Begin by contacting us with a letter of interest, by either snail mail or email. Include an introduction to your organization including a brief history, your mission statement, and an overview of the program you feel would be a good match for our foundation. If it looks in line with our current funding priorities, we will invite you to submit a complete proposal.

    Agencies are not considered automatically for funding. If you are a recent NYCB Foundation grant recipient, and you wish to apply in the current year, you must submit a new, complete grant request, in order that we can do IRS-required due diligence. Complete proposals with updated financial information must be submitted each year.

Your grant request should be clear, well thought out, and have realistic goals.
Your request should be concise but include:
  • A cover letter outlining your specific request, including the five W’s: what the money will fund, why the money will address a need, what target population and how many people will be helped, the time frame of the usage, and the geographic reach of the usage. This should be no more than 1-2 pages.
  • Back up material to substantiate your specific request i.e. project budget, schedule, proposed outcomes.
  • A copy of the organization’s IRS 501(c)3 determination letter.
  • The organization’s most recent 990. If the 990 was e-filed, please be sure to include the date of filing.
  • The organization’s most recent audited financial statement.
  • A list of the current board of Directors and their business affiliations.
  • A list of the current year’s business contributors and foundation grants with the levels of support.
  • Please list any grants or contributions you have received from the New York Community Family of Banks or the Richmond County Savings Foundation.
We do not accept files electronically. Please send all grant requests regular mail. We encourage printing on both sides of the page. Please do not send express mail unless we specifically ask. All proposals should be mailed to:
                    Marian Conway, Ph.D., Executive Director
                    NYCB Foundation
                    1400 Old Northern Boulevard
                    Roslyn, NY 11576-2127
Grant restrictions:
  • The foundation only funds registered 501(c)3 non-profits. We do not fund religious, political, fraternal organizations or individuals.
  • Any agency approved for funding is required to return the requested paperwork, and submit regular updates detailing the grant status and anything that impacts the grant or the organization’s overall health. This is an IRS requirement. Non-compliance will disqualify your organization from future grants.
  • In some cases, site visits will be scheduled before funding decisions are made.
  • The Foundation's primary target areas are where The New York Community Family of Banks is an integral part of the neighboring business community. When the New York Community Bank established the Foundation, one of its primary purposes was to complement the Bank’s existing community development activities.
  • The NYCB Foundation has a special focus on funding community-based organizations in their efforts to assist low-to-moderate (LMI) income individuals and/or LMI communities.
Important information:
  • If you have not submitted the required reports for the past year’s grant, please do not submit a new grant request. It will not be considered.
  • All grant requests must be received by October 31st to receive funding in that calendar year.
We hope these guidelines are helpful. If questions still remain, you are welcome to contact the Foundation office at (516) 484-1344.